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Comfortable Wooden Tree House – Contemporary office and Private Relaxing Gateway in Backyard

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Comfortable Wooden Tree House 
Comfortable Wooden Tree House 
The wooden wall and floor are so great. The tree  is 170 square feet and is perched twelve feet off the ground. Small, but you will get that feels. You will get a  feel, wide place for relaxing, and doing your work at a backyard.
Deep-oiled wood siding, mahogany windows, and a Rheinzink roof were chosen for their natural qualities and rich palette. Amazing tree  from Rockefeller Partners Architects. Designed with banyan tree to blend with nature, so it’s make natural atmosphere here. The tree  features a fireplace and nature’ views. So it’s great place to find inspiration.

Comfortable Wooden Tree House 

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