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Lexus unveiled the LF-Gh before his appearance in New York

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

While all car enthusiasts waited patiently for the start of the Auto Show in New York for info on the many firsts that will be presented, Lexus has decided to take a step ahead of the competition by disclosing fully its LF-Gh (Future Lexus Hybrid Grand Touring).

From a blank page, the manufacturer of luxury created the foundations for a future sedan in using new advanced technologies, combining style, performance and functionality while respecting the environment.

A massive grille, lights and LED lights, the absence of handles and mirrors, 20-inch wheels, aerodynamic shapes as well as massive wheel arches, are part of the redefining its design philosophy L-finesse "applied to all Lexus products since 2001.

Once inside, the LF-Gh features a highly visible instrumentation and a more functional console including an analog clock 3D acting as focal point. Like any luxury car that respects itself, it also uses soft-touch materials.

Lexus, however, proved stingy with details on the powertrain of his car concept, stating only that the power generated by the hybrid will be transmitted to the rear wheels.

Despite this early opening, visitors to the exhibition in New York will still have the chance to take a look at the latest creation of Lexus of 22 April to 1 May 2011.

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