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red brick | Casa Conde modern architecture

Friday, March 16, 2012

If you love brick red you’re going to love this place. The Casa Conde by SAMF Arquitectos located in Pinhal Conde da Cunha, Portugal has a warm, friendly brick exterior that is textured, and beautiful. Though red brick might seem like the sort of thing you would see in institutional architecture, here it adds a whole other dimension to modern design. The interior is equally as warm, and continues the gorgeous brick red color in comforting accents that add such a level of sophistication to what could have been just a normal, slick, personality-less space.

“This house, for a musician, is located in a low-density housing area, near a large pinewood, south of Lisbon. The site had an unusual topographical situation, where the construction of the front street had cut the landscape to form a small “cliff” 3/4m high. The house was thought as a substitution of this cliff, maintaining the original situation overlooking the street, over a high sustaining wall.”

[ via : 2modern ]

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